Industrial Vee Belt Series


Classical Vee Belt

TOYOPOWER classical vee belts are designed for high speed and high torque drives

1. Abrasion resistant
2. Rubber impregnated canvas
3. Longer service life
4. Superior length stability
5. Minimal elongation
6. Good heat and oil resistant

Available Types : K, M, Z, FM, A, B, C, D, E (JIS, DIN, RMA) .
Available Grades : X-PRO (Aramid), ECO (Economical)


Narrow Vee Belt

TOYOPOWER Narrow vee belt is highly recommended for long span pulley distance and multi-belts drive applications.

1. Specially woven Rubber impregnated Canvas
2. Lateral reinforcing cords
3. High horsepower ratings
4. High transmission capabilities
5. Reduce maintenance and energy costs
6. Excellent anti-static, oil and heat properties

Available Types : 3V, 5V, 8V (RMA), SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC (DIN).
Available Grades : X-PRO (Aramid), ECO (Economical)


Banded Vee Belt

TOYOPOWER developed banded vee belts for multi-drives which require high length stability.

1. Joined by high strength tie-band
2. Stable transmission when under constant pulsating loads
3. Permanent matched set
4. Eliminates lateral whip, spin or jump off
5. No sideways bending

Available Types : Banded B, C, D, SPC, 8V,
Banded cogged AX, BX, CX, 3VX, 5VX, XPB, XPC
Available Grades : X-PRO (Aramid),ECO(Economical)


Industrial Cogged Belt

TOYOPOWER developed industrial cogged belts for extreme industrial applications.

1. Special formulated rubber compound
2. Excellent sidewall wear resistant
3. Extra layered fabric for heavy duty applications
4. Good bending stress
5. For high speed and high torque drives
6. Excellent elongation resistance
7. Good heat dissipating, oil resistant and anti-static properties

Available Types : AX, BX, CX, 3VX, 5VX, XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC
Available Grades : X-PRO (Aramid), ECO (Economical)


Poly-Vee Belt

TOYOPOWER poly-vee belts are suitable for higher power transmission requirements.

1. Highly flexible
2. Special formulated rubber compound
3. Maintain consistent tension during transmission
4. Energy efficient
5. Noise reduction
6. Superior oil, water and heat resistant
7. Compact design
8. Comprehensive profile from light to heavy applications

Available Types : PJ, PK, PL